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Loss Control

Protect Your People and Company

Plans That Prevent and Mitigate Risks

Preventing and mitigating risk is more than a regulatory obligation. Most importantly, it is a social contract that tells your employees that their health and safety matter. 

When designed thoughtfully and executed consistently, a risk control plan also helps you protect and grow your company’s bottom line through enhanced productivity, improved product quality, increased employee engagement, reduced workers’ compensation premiums and a favorable reputation.

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Comprehensive Risk Management

Your Hylant risk control expert works with you to go beyond Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance. We begin by learning about you and the job you do. Then, we explore your organization and its challenges. Against this backdrop, we thoroughly evaluate your program, including:

  • Injury prevention planning processes
  • Plan implementation and accountability
  • Incident reporting procedures
  • Incident investigation processes
  • Corrective actions
  • Claim management practices

At the end of the risk assessment, you and your Hylant partner have a shared understanding of your organization’s risk control strengths, weaknesses and missed opportunities. We help you understand not only the root causes of identified issues but also the solutions for eliminating recurrences. More than just compliance and treatment of symptoms, we promote the correction of systemic problems.

If your organization needs help understanding how to implement changes, your Hylant risk control specialist is available to coach and mentor your team as needed. We also can consult and help prepare you in advance for OSHA inspections. In the end, we measure our success by your ability to sustain an ongoing program that strengthens your business and reduces your costs.

Safety Training Resources

Help protect your company with the Hylant Risk Management Center, a web-based suite of safety and risk management tools designed to empower your organization’s risk prevention efforts. The Hylant Risk Management Center allows you to reduce risk and improve workplace safety by creating effective risk mitigation programs. It is easy to use and provides a cost-effective risk reduction and safety center for your entire organization.

Strategies to Protect Employees and Profitability

In this white paper, you’ll learn the compelling business case for improving workplace safety, how a return-to-work program can reduce your business costs, and how to benefit from a loss control program without incurring the costs associated with developing it.

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Trusted Advisors

Our client executives become your partner to guide you to the right loss control solutions.

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