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Business Risk Consulting

Risk Advisory That Promotes Operational Resilience

Build a More Adaptable Business

Unforeseen and underestimated business risks are undermining the success of companies in today’s volatile business environment. Hylant’s business risk consultants can help your organization recognize the sometimes hidden and costly threats to your operating performance.

Together, we can formulate plans to mitigate and manage those risks in line with your business strategy, risk tolerance and finances. The result will be a stronger, more resilient business that can adapt to disruptions.

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Inform Decision-Making

As your risk mitigation partner, Hylant will perform a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative risk analysis of your business and help you create a sustainable plan for effective risk management.

Our Process

Effective business risk management will help you prepare your organization to withstand unforeseen events and develop greater resilience.

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Benefit from Business Risk Analysis

Your comprehensive risk analysis will give you new insights into your organization’s risk dynamics and management practices. Deliverables will include the following:

Risk Management Framework

Prioritized Risk Map

Risk-Related Costs Pro Forma

Insurance ROI Analysis

Risk Assumption/Transfer Analysis

By integrating strategic risk management analysis into your business planning process, you can position your organization to avoid potential losses and improve overall performance. You will understand how to meet regulatory requirements and avoid legal issues. Your business will benefit as you make better-informed decisions about investments, acquisitions and other complex transactions.

Connect with a Business Risk Advisor

Hylant is ready to advise and help you confidently address your risk mitigation challenges.

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