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Business Insurance

Anticipating Your Every Need

Insurance for Business Tailored to You

You operate your business knowing the inherent risk in daily commerce. There are weather events. People make mistakes. Equipment breaks.

But there are also unexpected risks that threaten or expose business assets and employees to harm. A cyberattack, a distracted driver, workplace violence or a global supply chain disruption. Recognizing that business challenges come in various forms, Hylant manages both the expected and the unexpected.

You also have a plan to grow your business. Whether through expansions, acquisitions, new technologies, global markets or another route, rest assured: Hylant is here, anticipating risk and making honest, informed recommendations.

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Coverage Expertise

Hylant has experts who understand the broad spectrum of coverages available to strategically address your unique business needs.

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Hylant leverages technology, customized insurance analytics and your data to interpret trends so you can optimize your risk management decisions.

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Hylant’s claim management experts work with insurance carriers to deliver the best results. We speak your language, and we speak theirs.

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Loss Control

Hylant experts help businesses like yours create loss control plans that protect your employees and grow your company’s bottom line.

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Risk Financing

Complex businesses require highly customized risk financing options. We have dedicated experts and sophisticated tools to serve you.

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Why choose Hylant

to protect your business?

While we take pride in our program structures, product knowledge and industry relationships, we know an insurance plan alone cannot solve your business challenges. With our tailored business insurance services, you’ll have access to a team of industry experts dedicated to serving your business's unique needs and protecting what’s most important to you.

We use plain language—not insurance speak—to help you understand the risks you should be aware of and the options available to you, and to assist you in making informed decisions about different types of protection you may need.

Leveraging our longstanding relationships with top-rated carriers, we obtain the insurance you need at competitive rates, always with an eye toward service excellence.

As part of our relationship, count on us to keep you informed of emerging risks that could threaten your company. After all, our business is protecting your business, and it’s been that way for more than 85 years.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We couldn't have found a more qualified, competent, trustworthy or cost-competitive partner than Hylant. Their team of professionals never disappoints in their delivery of service, making it easier for me to focus on my job of managing our business. Their thoroughness and ability to ask the right questions help keep my mind at ease.

Michael R. Clover

Treasurer and CFO, Lacks Enterprises, Inc.

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