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Global Captive Solutions

Captive Consulting. Captive Management.

Captive Insurance Services to Meet Your Business Needs

Hylant's award-winning team of captive experts helps you navigate the world of captive insurance to better define, finance and manage the risks inherent in your business.  

From determining if a captive is the right solution to developing an exit strategy, we serve as your partner throughout the captive lifecycle. Hylant provides the captive support for your organization’s risk management needs.

An Award-Winning Team of Captive Advisors

Hylant's team of captive advisors has received multiple awards for their outstanding work in providing clients with captive insurance solutions. These awards highlight the team's commitment to delivering innovative and effective risk management strategies to their clients.

Global Captive Solutions Awards
Captive composite

What Is Captive Insurance?

Put simply, a captive is a formal structure to finance self-insured risks. 

At the core, captives are risk-management vehicles; licensed insurance companies owned by non-insurance organizations to finance risk. Adopted as a long-term strategy, a captive allows your organization to take advantage of a better-than-average claim history, secure traditionally difficult-to-obtain risk coverage, and explore alternative risk-financing solutions. Through a captive, your organization can strengthen its financial performance while protecting your assets. 

How We Do It: The Captive Process

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is a core component of the alternative risk strategy. We’ll evaluate exposures, coverage needs, your current program and additional factors, such as cost considerations, domicile considerations and overall structure. Together, we can decide if a captive is the right solution for you.

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Once we know a captive is the right solution, we draft a business plan and policies, meet with the domicile regulators, select service providers and submit a formal business plan.

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Management & Operations

We are by your side throughout the life of your captive, coordinating all service providers, board meetings and renewal processes. We liaise and ensure compliance with the domicile regulators and oversee your captive's ongoing financial, underwriting and corporate administration. If needed, we coordinate the eventual exit of a captive as well.

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Steps in the Captive Process

Hylant's Global Captive Solutions team evaluates your exposures, coverage needs, cash flow requirements and current program to determine the potential applicability of a captive solution.

We advise you on the viability of various alternative risk programs and any structuring, financing, management and regulatory requirements they would entail.

We custom design a program that ensures you have the most cost-effective coverage for your needs. We will review the most critical and advantageous onshore or offshore domicile for you if a captive is your best option.

We offer a wide range of implementation services for alternative risk programs. As the captive manager, our implementation services include selecting and coordinating all service providers needed for operations, drafting policies, developing and submitting the business plan, meeting the domicile regulators and facilitating the incorporation of the insurance company.

From coordinating service providers to liaising with domicile regulators and handling the administration of the financial, underwriting and corporate aspects of your captive, we address the day-to-day elements of captive operations so you can focus on your business.

Once you’re ready to withdraw from a captive, we will ensure a painless process. If a decision is made to close a captive, several techniques can be used to achieve this goal, including commutations, novations, selling of the captive and reinsurance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hylant’s extensive review and ability to understand our business has added great value to our captive insurance program, which drives operational value to our core operating business. Captive insurance is a complex business that requires strategic thinking, a good deal of experience as well as substantial knowledge to be executed correctly. Hylant covers all these areas with great professionalism and an excellent team.

Javier Ballesteros

Senior Legal Counsel, Antolin

With a professional competency demonstrated through superior knowledge of running a captive, including the regulatory requirements, administration, accounting and financial reporting, Hylant’s team has shown a well-rounded expertise on every call.

Bob Broderick

CFO, Kiwanis International

Hylant Global Captive Solutions Awards and Recognition


Risk & Insurance | Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
Captive Review | Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Captive Review | Ones to Watch - Claire Richardson
Business Insurance | Top 10 - Captive Managers and Captive Domiciles Rankings


Captive Review | Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Insurance Business
| Elite Women 2023 – Anne Marie Towle
Captive International
| FORTY Under 40 – Alex Gedge
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
U.S. Captive Awards
| NextGen Initiative
U.S. Captive Awards
| Emerging Talent – Claire Richardson


Captive Review | Ones to Watch – Dawn Dinardo
Captive Review
| Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
U.S. Captive Awards
| Captive Manager of the Year
U.S. Captive Awards
| Captive Collaboration Project
Captive International
| Captive Manager: Highly Commended
Captive International
| Captive Manager Individual: Highly Commended - Dawn Dinardo
Captive International
| Feasibility Study Firm: Highly Commended


Captive Review | Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Professional of the Year – Anne Marie Towle
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
U.S. Captive Awards
| Captive Professional of the Year – Anne Marie Towle


Captive Review | Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
Captive Review
| Ones to Watch – Alex Gedge


Captive Review | Power 50 – Anne Marie Towle
Business Insurance
| Women to Watch – Anne Marie Towle
Risk & Insurance
| Captive Power Broker – Anne Marie Towle
Captive Review
| Ones to Watch – Alex Gedge



Anne Marie Towle

CEO, Global Risk Mgmt & Captive Solutions

Anne Marie Towle leads Hylant's Global Captive Solutions team. She joined Hylant in 2019 and has over three decades of experience in the industry.

Anne Marie manages captive projects through feasibility and implementation, developing unique customized structures tailored to each client’s needs. She has been instrumental in arranging fronting and reinsurance programs for her captive clients. Among many associations, Anne Marie has been named Business Insurance's Women to Watch, and a Risk and Insurance "Power Broker in Captive Insurance".

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IRMI Podcast | February 19, 2024

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Global Captive Podcast | May 15, 2023

Anne Marie Towle and Alex Gedge outline Hylant’s observations of and expansion into the European market.

Make Your Own Captive Insurance with Anne Marie and Dan Towle

Risk & Reward Podcast Series | September 18, 2020

Captive insurance power couple Anne Marie and Dan Towle discuss student opportunities, mentorship, and why you “don’t need to be in a leadership role to be a leader.”

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