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Culture & Testimonials

What We Stand For

We are proud to say we've been named a “Best Places to Work in Insurance” company for 15 consecutive years. That is largely due to the promise made by Edward P. Hylant when founding the company in 1935, to treat clients and employees like family- with honesty, respect and trust. Those same values guide how we think, work and act with our clients, within our communities and with each other. By putting these ideals into practice every day, we uphold our company’s commitment to help people live safer, more secure lives.

Hylant Brand Values

HYL Brand Values Family teal


Building personal and trusting relationships with our employees, clients and members of our community is the very reason we exist. We are a family-owned business, and we treat you like family. And that means having your back, no matter what.

HYL Brand Values Hard Work teal

Hard Work

We understand the value of hard work. It produces character in ourselves, excellence in our products and peace of mind for those who depend on our services. Passion for the work opens doors to achievement, collaboration and fulfillment. It’s why our employees come to work each day–not because they have to, but because they want to.

HYL Brand Values Honesty teal


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards by conducting our business with honesty, transparency and consistency in communications, behaviors and relationships. Being honest with ourselves and others builds trust. It allows people the assurance to work with us and strengthens our relationships, which are critical to our success and the success of our clients.

HYL Brand Values Respect teal


We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diverse backgrounds, experiences, work styles and approaches to ideas. In other words, we treat people how we‘d like to be treated, showing them respect and earning it back along the way.

HYL Brand Values Empathy teal


Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes promotes a positive, optimistic and productive environment. It lets people know that you understand them and the challenges they face. Walking together allows us to walk further.

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Experience why we’ve been named a “Best Place to Work in Insurance” for 15 years running.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Hylant truly has risen above and beyond for us as a broker, and we are grateful for the progressive partnership. Personally, I have been very impressed, particularly in light of some of my past brokerage experiences. Thank you for all of your efforts and thank you in advance for the high level of professionalism I have no doubt we will continue to experience.

Jordan Sager

General Counsel, Brixey & Meyer Capital

We couldn't have found a more qualified, competent, trustworthy or cost-competitive partner than Hylant. Their team of professionals never disappoints in their delivery of service, making it easier to me to focus on my job of managing our business. Their thoroughness and ability to ask the right questions help keep my mind at ease.

Michael R. Clover

Treasurer and CFO, Lacks Enterprises, Inc.

If we aren’t covered the way we need to be, I could lose my business; 300 people would lose their jobs. I feel that Hylant is always looking out for me.

John Hartsog

Financial Controller at Williams Plumbing & Heating

They are like having great efficient co-workers: Speedy responses and resolution to requests. I choose them because they make my work life easier.

Connie Frost

Metrologic Group Services, Inc.

A Message From Our CEO

Testimonial Bubba B 256x256

Bubba Berenzweig

Chief Executive Officer

"For nearly 20 years, I have seen Hylant put clients first in everything we do, and I am humbled to continue that tradition. As Hylant looks toward the future, the shifts we are making in our vision will allow us to better serve our clients, becoming true advisors with more resources for them to grow their businesses while protecting what they care about most."

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