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Healthcare Analytics

Identify What's Driving Your Healthcare Costs

Analyze, Understand and Act on Healthcare Claims Data

Hylant's healthcare analytics experts make it easy for you to not only understand what's driving your healthcare costs but to take action.

With 24/7 access to analytics dashboards, plus customized financial and clinical reports and analyses, you receive transparency into your organization’s healthcare cost drivers. Backed by predictive modeling, Hylant’s experts provide evidence-based guidance to control costs and improve healthcare outcomes.

EB Healcare Analytics

Aggregated Data Analysis

Your dedicated healthcare analytics experts monitor your monthly claims data, performing a systematic review of all claims experience. Cutting-edge reporting through Benefits Science Technology, combining modern data science, including machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver solutions, with the deep healthcare expertise of your Hylant team provides in-depth reports as often as you want. And you own the data, giving you the flexibility and control you want.

Recognize Trends and Outliers

We go beyond providing reports. With more than 200 standard reports, we can drill deeper into the data collected during the analysis to separate one-time events from overall trends. Hylant’s experts then turn those insights into action, providing evidence-based guidance to bend the cost curve and help control healthcare spend.

Take Action

Having data isn’t enough. Hylant’s experts know what to do with it. Using predictive modeling and tapping into the vast resources within Hylant, your team provides a unique action plan. Customized for your employees, reflecting your culture and including cost-containment strategies, wellness initiatives and provider network solutions, your strategic approach allows you to control healthcare spend and improve population health.

E-book | The Business Leader's Complete Guide to Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare costs have risen dramatically over the past few years, and employers are becoming more frustrated by the limited options to address those rising costs. Get your free e-book for your complete guide to healthcare analytics. 

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Specialty RX, PBMs and Carve-Outs

Pharmacy expenses are on the rise. Learn what strategies can be implemented to reduce spending. 

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Hylant team members are ready to advise you and help you confidently address your needs. 

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