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Helping You Manage Your Risks Anywhere in the World

International Solutions

The international insurance market is complex. Regulations differ in each country and are constantly changing. Within these changing conditions, you need to be sure your risk management and employee benefits programs are legal, compliant, tax advantageous, and appropriately insure foreign risks. Hylant’s experts partner with you to navigate the complexities of international insurance. We’ll make sure you have a consolidated view of your risk exposures and that your insurance policy terms and limits cover the breadth of your foreign risks.

Hylant International is structured to meet the needs of both U.S.-based multinational clients and foreign companies with U.S. subsidiaries. Our international specialists average more than 20 years of industry experience and have extensive knowledge of how to identify and manage the foreign risks that confront your organization. From initial consultative discussions through the placement of your insurance program, we have the know-how and execution experience to ensure that your experience is world-class.

Global Reach. Local Service.

Just as we provide choice and flexibility to our clients, we recognize that you have the choice of brokers to manage your foreign risk. Be assured our dedicated International team will be able to meet your needs by providing the following benefits:

  • Global Network of Risk Experts – We manage foreign risks in over 100 countries and across all industry and practice groups. We work with a network of local, independent agencies who share our passion for exceptional client service.
  • Controlled Program Strategy and Execution – Centralized program strategy, development and implementation oversight allow you to maintain tightly controlled foreign risk management and global benefits.
  • Service Flexibility – We service all risks, large and small, according to your required service level.
  • Network Control – We maintain tight control of quality and service standards across the Hylant Global Alliance.
  • Cost Advantages – We have lower management costs and overheads globally, which translate into competitive fees.

Our Global Network

Hylant Global Alliance

At Hylant, we understand that in today's global business environment, you need a partner who can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to succeed, no matter where your business takes you. That's why we've built the Hylant Global Alliance, a network of carefully selected partners in over 100 countries and 500 cities worldwide.

Our partners share our vision, values, and client-first mentality, which has been the foundation of Hylant since the beginning. With this shared approach and robust communication protocols, we're able to provide you with the best talent available in each country while still maintaining global control and oversight from the U.S.

The Hylant Global Alliance brokers are located where you are, providing customized, locally compliant risk management programs that take into consideration the insurance and employee benefit nuances specific to each country. By providing flexibility and choice to ensure an optimal local partnership, our team delivers the resources, support, and communication necessary to fully protect your business, no matter where in the world you operate.

So, whether you're expanding into new markets or navigating complex regulatory requirements, you can count on the Hylant Global Alliance to be your trusted partner every step of the way.


Our Approach

Foreign Insurance Program Coordination For U.S. Companies

Hylant helps U.S.-based businesses of all sizes manage risks to their property and people everywhere in the world. With deep international expertise and a network of seasoned local experts, we help clients understand regulatory, cultural, geopolitical, cost, tax and insurance coverage issues related to their business risks, whether they operate multiple businesses overseas that employ hundreds of workers or have only a handful of traveling executives. Business leaders benefit operationally and financially from having a single point of contact that increases control and transparency of their global insurance program and risk management needs.

Servicing U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies

Hylant partners with non-domestic brokers in placing commercial insurance, small business insurance, personal insurance coverage and employee benefits throughout the U.S. for their valued clients. Our multilingual experts, including industry specialists, work diligently with a broad network of top-rated insurance carriers to cost-effectively secure coverages tailored to the needs of the business or individual. Always respectful of referring brokers’ relationships with their clients, Hylant provides exceptional service that satisfies all parties.

Global Benefits

Protect Your Domestic and International Employees

Hylant works as your partner to protect the well-being of your domestic and international workforces, satisfying your duty-of-care requirements for international travelers while meeting compliance requirements, cultural expectations and financial goals .

International Consulting Expertise

Our in-house expertise on international employee benefits issues is truly valuable. We have dedicated resources with capabilities to provide services supporting U.S. expatriates, third-country nationals, international travelers and local nationals. We offer services to assist employers who are in the initial stages of global expansion, as well as those who are expanding existing benefits offerings and employers looking to assess their programs against current market trends and competitiveness. Our international experts can support the development of tailored solutions to mitigate business risk in a global environment.

  • Global strategy and solutions
  • Benchmarking
  • Worldwide compliance
  • Country profiles
  • Compulsory insurance and customary benefits
  • Expatriate coverage
  • International employee health and well-being
  • Business travel accident
  • Out-of-country medical

Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, it is always recommended to purchase travel medical insurance. Travel insurance is designed to protect you in the event you become ill or have an accident while traveling. It’s important to purchase travel insurance before you travel.

Coverage Considerations

Make sure the coverage includes emergency evacuation and repatriation. This will help cover the cost of transporting you back to your home country should you become ill or injured.
Review the assistance with lost luggage and passports – some policies offer this benefit. Most coverage will typically offer support in the event of a natural disaster or security event.

Who Should Buy Travel Insurance?

Anyone planning a trip outside of their home country, including students, business travelers and individuals traveling for personal reasons. Additionally, any individuals with pre-existing health conditions should purchase travel insurance.

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Sherry Gonzalez

President, International

Sherry leads Hylant's International team. She joined Hylant in 2020 and has over three decades of experience in the industry. 

Sherry has vast experience working in both international operations and growth strategies. She works closely with Hylant’s executive leaders and market presidents to shape Hylant’s international growth strategy and evolve how Hylant serves its large national and multinational clients. Sherry has lived and worked in the insurance industry in the U.S, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain.

How Hylant's Exporter Package Can Help

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Hylant Mexico

Our Mexico office is staffed with experts who understand the risk management challenges of various industries and the potential solutions, as well as the culture and business climate.

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Trusted Advisors

Hylant team members are ready to advise you and help you confidently address your international needs.

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