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Casualty Loss Control

Strengthen Your Safety, Compliance and Cost-Control Efforts.

Events and accidents happen. Hylant helps you identify, mitigate and manage safety risks, whether they involve workplace injuries and hazards, premises concerns, driver accidents or product safety issues.

Our credentialed loss control risk management experts support your safety, compliance and cost control efforts with thoughtfully designed plans and helpful support tools. When executed well, your casualty loss control plan can help you protect and grow your company’s bottom line through enhanced safety and productivity, improved product quality and efficient use of capital.

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Casualty Loss Control

Casualty Loss Control Process

Hylant uses pre-loss and post-loss risk management techniques to develop an effective loss control program for your organization. Our pre-loss process includes four steps:

Casualty Loss Control Services

Depending on your company’s needs, our services can include any of the following, although we will recommend only those elements that will help you achieve your business goals.

  • Risk assessment
  • Goal-setting and scorecard development
  • Risk control prioritization and minimum loss control standards development
  • Safety program cost/benefit analyses
  • Prioritization of risk control solutions

  • Return-to-work program consultation
  • Resource for company leaders and safety personnel
  • Proper alignment of third-party expertise (e.g., industrial hygienists, OSHA compliance experts, ergonomic specialists, active shooter trainers)
  • Strategic program design and implementation

Case Study:

Teamwork Dramatically Improves Safety, Decreases Insurance Costs

A growing manufacturer began having safety and compliance issues. Its experience modification rating had risen to 1.16, and its workers’ compensation carrier was considering a nonrenewal of the policy. Learn how Hylant partnered with this client to turn its safety program around.

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