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Risk Management Technologies

Streamline Processes. Gain Critical Insights.

Along with providing unique insights and exceptional guidance, Hylant’s risk advisors empower you with tools to manage your commercial risk management programs more effectively. Depending on your needs, these tools could include the following.

CoverMetrics, Powered by LineSlip Solutions

Data Analytics and Reporting

This tool converts your commercial insurance documents into a secure, real-time policy dashboard. In seconds, you can locate coverage details, analyze your program-wide performance at will and quickly create accurate management reports that power critical decision-making.


Insurance Forms Access

CSR24 enables you to access your insurance information where and when needed. You can view policy information, obtain insurance forms (e.g., certificates, auto IDs, etc.) and request changes (e.g., add coverage, vehicles, drivers, etc.).

Cyber JumpStart

Improve Your Cyber Insurability

Created by our cybersecurity partners at Arctic Wolf and powered by Hylant, this portal is designed to help you reduce the frequency and severity of cyber incidents and improve your insurability. Use it to create a customized incident response plan, learn how to implement security controls required by insurance carriers, and use the threat scanner to scan your network for the known vulnerabilities that lead to most cyber insurance claims.

The Fleet Management System

Driver, Vehicle and Information Tracking

Fleet owners/operators use this Hylant technology program to track driver, vehicle and equipment information and generate insurance certificates. This solution also tracks policy information used to generate invoices associated with specific drivers or vehicles.

Hylant Client Portal

Your Command Center

Enter your customized portal to access policy documents, view reports, find contact information, and access claims filing processes and meeting materials. Via the portal, you also can view, print and issue certificates of insurance.

Hylant Risk Management Center

Casualty Risk Management Tools Platform

This web-based safety and risk management tool suite empowers your organization’s casualty risk prevention efforts. You can proactively manage risk exposures to reduce claims, losses and associated costs using the safety library, online training, incident management tools and HR compliance solutions.


Insurance Certificate Tracking and Monitoring

Hylant’s web-based certificate of insurance tracking and monitoring system enables you to accurately and efficiently manage certificates across all your programs and validate insurance requirements for third parties with whom you conduct business.


Collaborative Insurance Application Process

Indio is an electronic platform that lets you quickly and easily provide updated exposure and other information Hylant needs to renew or market your insurance program. You no longer need to print, scan or email anything, simplifying the process and saving time.

Medical Risk System

Malpractice Application Management

Medical Risk System is an online solution that makes it easy for healthcare providers, practice groups and large healthcare systems to submit and manage applications and supporting documentation for new and existing medical malpractice insurance.

Origami Risk

Risk Management Information System

Origami Risk helps you effectively monitor and manage your risk program information and can be vital to understanding program changes required to achieve the lowest total cost of risk. The platform is customized to fit your needs, acting as a repository for your key claim documents, status reports and strategy documentation.

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