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Understand Where to Focus Risk Mitigation Efforts for the Biggest Return

Taking risk mitigation actions can lead to lower property insurance premiums. The right broker will proactively identify those actions and work with you to ensure their effective completion.

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In a hard property insurance market, premium rate increases are the norm. However, cost savings can sometimes be achieved with some investigation and risk mitigation actions. Hylant went to work on behalf of this $900 million manufacturer to see what was possible.


While conducting an account review with the client’s property underwriter, Hylant discovered that the insurer was purchasing facultative reinsurance for a single facility and passing that cost on to the manufacturer. Insurers purchase this reinsurance when they deem a risk especially serious or potentially costly.

A Hylant property risk specialist then reviewed the insurer’s reports, analyzed the recommendations, and presented options to the client for addressing the underwriter’s concerns. Based on the advisor’s guidance, the client lowered the height of storage units, relocated certain problematic stored materials and upgraded the facility’s sprinkler system.

The process took two years to complete. During that time, Hylant directed communications among engineers, the underwriter, the manufacturing plant manager and the plant engineer to ensure everyone agreed about what needed to be done and how. This helped make sure that the projects would achieve the targeted loss control goals.

Once the changes were made, the insurer canceled the reinsurance and issued a prorated refund to the manufacturer. By implementing the recommendations effectively, the company is now saving $50K annually.

Hylant continues to support the manufacturer’s property loss control program, providing technical code guidance, helping to prioritize improvement recommendations, and advocating on its behalf when compliance and insurance-related issues arise.

Results for the Client

$50K Annual Savings

The need to purchase facultative reinsurance was eliminated.

Successful Project

Clear communication among engineers, underwriters and the manufacturer kept the project on course to achieve stated goals.

Improved Risk Profile

Documented risk improvements have made the company more attractive to the insurers who will compete for its business.

Trusted Advisors

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