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Umbrella Insurance

An Insurance Policy that Provides an Extra Layer of Protection

Not having adequate coverage can leave your business exposed. Umbrella insurance can help address these risks. An umbrella policy can be a second source of protection for your business beyond your primary insurance and can provide higher limits for liability. Our job is to help protect your company to the fullest and, when accidents do occur, ensure that you and your company remain protected.

Hylant's Approach to Umbrella Insurance Programs

Your Hylant umbrella and liability insurance professionals works with you to develop a customized insurance program, supported by claims and risk control services, all with global reach. We do that by getting to know you as well as your business, safety culture, contractual responsibilities and risk tolerance. As your partner in umbrella insurance, we help you:

  • Identify coverage exposure gaps that exceed your primary insurance
  • Provide higher limits of liability for automobile, general liability, and employer's liability
  • Recognize and implement methods to reduce the likelihood of loss and its severity
  • Benchmark your insurance programs against key elements (limits, deductibles, retentions, rates and premiums)

Your Hylant liability insurance team works with you throughout the year to service all aspects of your insurance and risk management needs. Our model produces optimal results, as the same team members who work with you daily are the same professionals who represent you in the marketplace. To us you are family, and that’s how we treat you. With personalized care.

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