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Record Retention Policy - 2017

Hylant's Record Retention Policy

(Effective 01/01/2017)

Effective January 1, 2017, Hylant has implemented a revised record retention policy. We have found it important to revise our policy to stay current with today’s business environment relative to best practices, regulatory issues and legal standards. The record retention period varies, depending on the document type.

It is our experience that our revised retention periods will meet the majority of your requirements. Please compare our standards to your own internal document retention standards. If you find that you need certain documents supplied prior to the expiration of the holding period, please contact your client service team, and they will supply you with a copy of the required document.

Your business is important to us. We want to keep you informed of changes in our document management and record retention policies that may have an impact on you. Thank you.

Printable Record Retention Policy