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IDTheft Assist: Affordable Credit Restoration Service That Does the Work for You

April 25, 2022

Tim was careful to safeguard his personal and financial information. But one day, a company with whom he did business was the target of a cyberattack. His information was no longer secure, and soon he began seeing unauthorized charges on his credit cards and new accounts being opened in his name.

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He received alerts from the expensive cyber protection service he had purchased, but he discovered that it was up to him to do most of the identity repair work himself. It was many months before his life returned to anything resembling normal.

Alerts Are Critical. So Is Actual Help.

When your identity is compromised, what you want most is someone to fix it—fast. IDTheft Assist, available now to Hylant clients and friends, is a comprehensive, affordable credit monitoring and restoration service. A monthly subscription gives you and your immediate family access to 24/7 response services, including a designated U.S.-based advocate who does all the work necessary so that you can get back to your normal routine.

The process for helping you includes:

  • Compiling the facts. IDTheft Assist will assign an advocate to your case who will pull your real-time credit report and attack your case of fraud or theft hands-on.
  • Contacting your creditors. IDTheft Assist notifies the credit bureaus of fraudulent activity, submits affidavits to the Internal Revenue Service or any involved creditors, submits dispute packages on your behalf to involved entities, alerts ChexSystems, notifies the postal inspector of the incident and disputes medical fraud.
  • Restoring your credit. IDTheft Assist places alerts or security freezes on your behalf with the credit bureaus, submits disputes on each fraudulent entry on the credit report, alerts creditors and submits dispute packages on your behalf, and obtains clearance notifications regarding the fraudulent accounts.

To see how IDTheft Assist compares with other credit monitoring services, view the comparison chart.

Proactively Manage Your Financial Risks

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received more than 2.8 million reports from Americans regarding identity theft, shopping scams and other fraud-related activity in 2021. Consumers lost more than $5.8 billion according to the FTC, a 70% increase over the previous year. Identity theft continues to be a threat to millions of consumers.

To better manage your financial risks, consider putting a credit monitoring service like IDTheft Assist in place today.

This information is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. IDTheft Assist is offered through a third party, and Hylant disclaims any and all liability, including express or implied warranties, whether oral or written, for such third-party services.

Mark Holloway President, Small Business & Personal Insurance

Mark oversees Hylant’s personal and small commercial operations corporately and also manages the Michigan personal and small commercial territory.

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