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Hylant’s Alex Clark Promoted to Vice President, Cyber Practice

January 26, 2022

Toledo, OH January 26, 2022 ‒ Hylant recently announced that Alex Clark has been named vice president of its cyber practice. He is focused on growing the company’s risk advisory service capabilities for the benefit of the organization’s clients.

“The cyber marketplace has changed dramatically over the past 18 months and will continue to change,” said Clark. “My mission is to make sure Hylant is positioned to proactively educate our clients about current and emerging risks and to provide sound, ongoing guidance for managing them.”

“Cyberattacks are a very real threat to every business today. The methods bad actors use are constantly changing,” said CEO Pat McDaniel, Hylant Specialty Services. “Alex will lead the team in working with our carrier partners and others at home and abroad to assess threats and put them into an actionable context for our clients.”

Clark joined Hylant’s cyber practice in 2020 as a risk advisor. Before that, he worked as a cyber insurance underwriter and account manager for several insurance wholesale, retail and MGA organizations.

“Managing cyber risk is a little like predicting the future. I love that challenge,” said Clark. “Alongside my team, I look forward to helping clients in their efforts to stay ahead of the bad actors and to prepare for what might happen next.”

+ Connect with Alex Clark on LinkedIn.

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