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M&A and Transaction Solutions

Client Testimonial: Hylant's M&A | Transactions Team Helps Close Deal

October 25, 2021

Mergers and acquisitions occur every day in the business world. From major companies such as Humana and Amazon to smaller companies combining forces to better serve communities, these deals can run billions of dollars. And that doesn’t factor in the untold hours of meetings, analyses, negotiations and closings.

In July of 2021, Woodward Pharma Services closed a $125 million dollar financing with Colbeck Capital Management, accelerating company growth and expanding the pharmaceutical platform for acquiring, licensing and commercializing branded and generic prescription drugs. The financing allowed Woodward Pharma to acquire a basket of branded pharmaceutical products for the U.S. market.

And according to David Risk, founder of Woodward Pharma, the immense amount of support from Hylant’s dedicated team played a key role in closing these transactions.

Woodward Pharma has been a Hylant client for six years. With a team led by Alison Brinkman out of Toledo, Hylant has ensured coverage for everything from general liability and surety bonds to product liability and cyber insurance. In those years, the support Hylant has provided in all areas of business insurance have protected Woodward and saved thousands of dollars in outside legal expenses. So when Woodward Pharma started the transaction process, David knew he could turn to Hylant for support in uncovering and analyzing the details of the transaction to ensure the quality of risk was understood and the deal ran smoothly.

“Hylant’s support enabled us to close a financing, along with two Big Pharma transactions on the same day. Their collaboration with multiple parties throughout the transactions was invaluable, ensuring the reps and warranties insurance in place would give confidence to Woodward’s financing partners and allowing the deals to cross the finish line. The team has been an extraordinary partner in helping Woodward Pharma accelerate its growth trajectory.”

David Risk, Founder of Woodward Pharma

Hylant’s team supported the acquisition throughout the timeline. After reviewing the contract and identifying potential issues, the team created solutions within one weekend to prevent disruption, ultimately ensuring the deal crossed the finish line. With additional reps and warranties insurance and services provided by the Hylant M&A | Transaction Solutions team, led by Kip Irle, Woodward’s financing partners were assured the organization was operating as it should be, and the deal moved forward.

Various issues can arise during any merger or large transaction. Negotiation errors, including overpaying for acquisitions, are common, and external factors can lead to a failed deal at any time throughout the process. That’s why it’s crucial for organizations like Woodward to have the right M&A team by their side – to serve as business consultants to reduce valuation uncertainty and optimize return on capital.

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