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Be Alert: Heightened Concerns About Cyberattacks

March 9, 2022

As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, there is heightened concern around the increased risk of a cyberattack. An attack on infrastructure or an industry class as a whole could be widespread and severe.

We recommend that all our clients take the following action:

  • Apply software patches and updates regularly. Make sure software is updated throughout your organization and that you have patched known vulnerabilities in earlier versions. A list of patches and software updates can be found on the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website.
  • Think before you click. Train employees to recognize phishing emails and to avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  • Require strong, unique passwords. Protect your credentials and don’t re-use passwords for multiple logins.
  • Back up data. Make sure to maintain backups. Increasing the frequency of backing up data is a good idea right now.
  • Use multifactor authentication. This helps ensure that people trying to access your systems remotely are authentic.

If you are actively doing work in Russia or close to the Ukraine border, be on heightened alert. Make sure you have a strong cybersecurity plan and controls in place.

If you are concerned about your current controls or would like additional security, please reach out to your Hylant service team member. We have many vendors that can assist you.

The above information does not constitute advice. Always contact your insurance broker or trusted advisor for insurance-related questions.


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