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A Day at Hylant: Through the Eyes of a Client Executive

July 15, 2021

As a client executive at Hylant, you will never have a typical day. Because every client and every opportunity is different, each with its own special set of needs and problems for you to solve, every day will hold something new.

You walk into Hylant’s office a few minutes early and catch up with your coworkers on the way to your office. They catch you up on what they’ve been working on and talk about how your weekends went. It’s exciting to hear about the deal they have been working hard on and how close they are to making it official.

You make your way to your office and look at your schedule. Tomorrow you will be busy traveling to meet a client and learn more about the culture of his company, allowing you to create better solutions that align with the company’s culture. Because of your busy day tomorrow, there is a lot you want to accomplish today. To stay on track, you make a list of your priorities and get started.

Research and Analyze to Compare Plans

The company you are meeting with tomorrow is undergoing a merger with another company. Your goal is to help them decide if merging the two benefit plans is the best course of action for your client, their employees and their employees’ families. To prepare for tomorrow, you begin working on researching and analyzing the two previous benefit plans.

Prospect Meetings

After making progress on that venture, you switch gears to a prospective client you are hoping to work with. This prospect is the CFO at a manufacturing company and is looking to advance the company’s insurance plan and reduce inefficiencies. You get on the phone with them as scheduled and go over how Hylant’s One Advisor approach works, providing insight on how it can save them time, capital and resources. The prospect seems interested, so you arrange another meeting with them to go over the specifics that will help them decide.

Understanding Insurance Carriers

Lunch is approaching and you must get to a scheduled lunch meeting with an insurance carrier. You pack up your bag and head to a local restaurant to meet them to discuss their products and gain a better understanding about solutions they offer for your clients. They give you an update on their products and any changes they have had which could impact prospects and clients.

After your lunch meeting, you head back to the office. Something you learned at the meeting seems useful for one of the employee benefits plans you were working on for a client. You work on incorporating it into the plans you have been working on and put it on the agenda for your next meeting.

Build Better Relationships

The last meeting of the day is with a long-time client of yours that has recently been acquired by a foreign company. You have been working on updating their plan that you previously created with them to fit the needs of the new foreign parent company and maintain the same great benefits for their U.S. employees. After years of working with this client, you know their company and their needs, and they trust that you will provide them with the best solutions.

You work with the foreign parent company to explain how benefits have worked in the past to ensure employees are taken care of and satisfied. As a result, you expand your network by gaining the trust of this foreign company, and they want you to continue working with their international offices. Lucky for them, Hylant partners with the World Broker Network and can use this partnership to ensure that all their offices have the best benefits to fit their cultural and geographic needs.

At the end of your day, you look back at your accomplishments and look forward to the value you are working to provide to your clients and prospects. You know more today than you did yesterday, and tomorrow will look completely different. The unpredictable journey is what makes being a client executive so exciting!

Does this job sound like a good fit for you? Hylant is looking for new client executives! Learn more and apply today.

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