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Celebrating 85 Years of Success

From Humble Beginnings

From the humble beginnings of a man with a vision to strengthen his community, to the 1,000+ professionals who carry on his legacy every day in partnership with clients, business partners, and community organizations.

1935-1949 | 1950-1969 | 1970-1989 | 1990-2009 | 2010-2020

1935 - 1949

In 1935, a hardworking entrepreneur by the name of Edward P. Hylant has the vision to form an insurance agency founded on relationships and based on trust.

With just $500 in hand and a few verbal commitments from business professionals, Edward establishes Hylant Inc in Toledo, Ohio.

The office is located in the old Toledo Trust building on Summit Street. By the end of the first year in business, Hylant Inc. has more than $140,000 in premium on the books!

Tragically, Edward P. Hylant passes away, while his only son, Robert E. Hylant is wounded in the Normandy invasion.

Widow Florence Hylant recruits competitor, John T. MacLean to join Hylant and the agency is renamed, Hylant-MacLean, Inc.

Robert E. Hylant returns from the war and joins the family business. Due to the economic downturn, the company only sees a revenue uptick of $10,000 to just over $145,000 in premiums by the end of the 1940's.


1950 - 1969

Hylant-MacLean, booming! The agency has expanded their services and hired more employees.

John T. MacLean retires, positioning Robert E. Hylant to serve as the chairman and CEO.

Hylant-MacLean, Inc. continues to expand, becoming a household insurance name in Northwest Ohio.

Robert E. Hylant could not be more proud of the family business, which has more than $1,845,000 in premiums on the books by the end of the decade.


1970 - 1989

Hylant-MacLean moves to a new office in the First Federal Plaza building in Toledo.

Patrick R. Hylant, son of Robert E. Hylant, joins the agency to expand into employee benefits services and will take over as the CEO when his father retires.

Hylant-MacLean is sold to Dana Corporation and is re-purchased just a few years later by the Hylant family.

The first office outside of Toledo is opened in Detroit by Stephen Hylant.

Mike Hylant joins the firm and paves the way for a third location, in Cleveland.

Robert E. Hylant passes away in 1989, leaving a strong legacy behind.

By the end of the 1980s, premiums eclipse $20,000,000.


1990 - 2009

Hylant enters the next decade in growth under the leadership of Patrick R. Hylant. For the first time, Hylant is ranked in the Top 50 Independent Insurance Brokers in the United States (1999).

In 1994, Hylant Administrative Services is formed as an alternative financing solution for governments, municipalities and school corporations.

The Toledo office moves to Jefferson Avenue, then to its current home on Madison Avenue.

New office locations are established through strategic acquisitions in the following markets: Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

Mike Hylant assumes the CEO leadership role when Patrick R. Hylant transitions to Chairman of the Board upon retirement.

Premiums are at an all-time high at more than $500,000,000. And Hylant employees couldn't be prouder to work for a Best Place to Work in Insurance firm (2009).



Hylant enters the new decade with so many things to be grateful for:

  • Employee vote Hylant as one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance (2009-2019).
  • The company is ranked in the Top 40 Largest Brokers in the United States by Business Insurance.
  • Hylant earns the Greenwich Broker Excellence Award.
  • The company continues to grow, with office expansions in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee

The Hylant sales producer development program, CE Success, is launched.

The Global Captive Solutions team expands and adds new clients to the existing group captives- HavenRe and Alto captives.

In 2018, Hylant achieves the highest client retention and new business sales year in the firm's history.



Hylant celebrates 85 years in business!

Matt Hylant, son of Mike Hylant, assumes the role of Ann Arbor, MI Office President.

Hylant formally announces the expansion of its Family Office Practice based in Beverly Hills, California.

The company continues to develop and grow the Hylant M&A and Transaction Solutions team, which supports businesses by helping them uncover, analyze, reduce and optimize risks during targeted transactions.

COVID-19 pandemic circles the globe, Hylant continues to support clients, business partners and employees with exemplary service and additional resources.

Hylant announces CEO leadership transition slated for 2022, when Mike Hylant will retire and current Toledo Office President and fourth-generation family member, Andrew (Bubba) Berenzweig will take the helm.

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