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Hylant Celebrates the Artists of Detroit

Experience the artwork of Southeast Michigan artists

At Hylant we believe the essence of community involvement lies not only in supporting our clients and employees, but it also uplifts the local spirit that defines our collective identity. By collaborating with local artists to adorn our new Detroit office, we’ve embraced an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the local economy, supporting talent right in our backyard.

This initiative not only helps to provide exposure for these artists, but also transforms our office into a vibrant, inspiring space that resonates with employees, clients, and guests alike. Through this unique approach, we aim to foster a culture of care and connection, reminding everyone who walks through our doors that, like a family, we thrive by uplifting each other. In doing so, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our environment but also reinforce our core belief that by improving the lives of others, we enrich our own, cultivating a workspace that truly feels like home.

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