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Artist: Ndubisi Okoye

About the Artist

Ndubisi Okoye is a multidisciplinary creative whose passion lies at the intersection of art and design, with a focused intent to narrate unique stories that motivate, represent, and inspire, particularly within the African Diaspora. Through the use of hand-lettering, geometric shapes, vibrant color palettes, and tribal patterns, Okoye's work emanates an improvised rhythm aimed at uplifting and motivating viewers. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources such as anime, movies, music, poetry, and graphic design, Okoye strives to reflect the nuances of the African Diaspora, their faith in God amidst indifference, and to spotlight political issues. The essence of Okoye's art is to showcase the power, beauty, and complexity of blackness.

Detroit Murals

About the Art

The murals stand as a vibrant celebration of Southeast Michigan and Hylant Insurance. These works of art intricately weave visual references that highlight the unique beauty and identity of the region. Among the featured elements are the iconic downtown Detroit Skyline, the Ambassador Bridge, the Ford Mustang, and the Birmingham Theater, along with nuanced nods to the local flora, fauna, and historical aspects of the region. Through these murals, Okoye not only pays homage to the area's rich cultural and natural heritage but also fortifies the connection between Hylant Insurance and the vibrant community it serves.

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Instagram: @n_du_time

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