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Countdown to Launch!

Client Information Just Got Easier!

Hylant is excited to launch a new agency business solution (ABS) experience that serves as our business's primary source of client information.

What: An enhanced ABS experience in Epic, an Applied software solution

When: Monday, June 24, 2024

Why we're changing
Epic Phoenix Logo gradiant color

An Epic Podcast: Hear from Our Leaders About Project Phoenix

Learn from Tanya Guarino about the process Hylant is using to ensure this change is optimal for our service, sales and specialty teams.

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Benefits of Enhanced Experience

Unified Client Experience

Streamline and unify the employee customer servicing experience in a single agency business solution (Epic).

Increased Efficiency

Improve efficiency and accuracy of work tasks and activity assignments from start to finish, utilizing standardized processes and workflow automations.

Operational Alignment

Increase operational alignment and scalability for future customizations and greater connectivity across all Hylant business segments and client servicing teams.

Data Visibility

Enable additional consistent, secure, and unified reporting and visibility of client and prospect information as well as any core account servicing metrics and activities.

Where to Get Training

As part of the Epic launch, all EB Team Members will participate in two types of training.

  1. Self-guided on-demand learning through Applied University. This training is a pre-requisite to the live virtual sessions. Please block time to complete the online training before the virtual sessions begin on Monday, May 20. We've created a guide to help you navigate the online training. Download your guide to get started!
  2. Virtual sessions with team members and a live instructor from Applied. Learn everything from basic navigation, search function, and document retrieval to completing specific servicing tasks. Service, sales and specialty team members have been grouped together to optimize the experience. Outlook invites were sent out in late April for these sessions.
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Meet the People Behind the New Experience

Project Phoenix Core Team

  • Camille Bloom
  • Debbie Fischer
  • Dawn Heckard
  • Lori Washburn
  • Pam Tanner
  • Patrick Yarnell
  • Sondra Stein
  • Tanya Guarino

EB Service Leaders

  • Heidi Wamsher (Small Business)
  • Tanya Guarino (SE)
  • Fred Cruz (SE)
  • Megan Wyss (GL)
  • Steffani Walston (GL)
  • Kelli Powell (NE)

Power Users Convene

In preparation for the live virtual training sessions kicking off May 20, Project Phoenix Power Users convened in Toledo April 23 - 25 to participate in a preview of the training modules.

Here's what they had to say about the training: 

"After seeing what Epic can do, I can't wait to get in there!"

"The Power User training connected me with new resources to help me complete tasks and activities in Epic."

Power Users pic

An Epic Podcast: More Videos from Our Leaders

Bridget Scott and Lori Washburn
Bridget Scott and Debbie Fischer


Learn more about all aspects of Project Phoenix by visiting our page on the intranet.

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