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    Insurance & Risk Management Strategy

    Helping Businesses Be the Best at What They Do

    We Treat Your Business As If It Were Our Own.

    At Hylant, we make it our business to understand yours. We take the time to get to know you, your business needs and your personal needs, because we believe a trusting relationship is paramount to your success.

    That’s why we provide responsive industry experts who not only know your industry, but are often from your industry. Experts who are on the forefront of industry news and trends so you don’t have to keep up with them yourself. Experts who listen closely to you and collaborate with you to create customized programs no other brokerage can provide.

    And because our industry experts work so closely with our risk practice experts, we’re able to design and deliver customized and collaborative business insurance, risk management and employee benefits programs that protect your assets and grow revenue.


    Hylant experts create plans that blend risk management, insurance, safety and surety strategies to help construction companies protect their assets.

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    Real Estate

    As your real estate portfolio grows, so do your risks. Hylant helps commercial and residential real estate businesses mitigate risks.

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    Advanced Manufacturing

    Hylant helps protect your manufacturing equipment, global supply chain, business, and employees with a custom insurance plan.

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    Transportation & Logistics

    Whether you're a small auto hauler, a large fleet with hundreds of trucks or somewhere in between, our experts create plans that protect your assets.

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    Hylant helps automotive makers manage product recalls, cyberattacks, workforce safety, regulatory changes and environmental emergencies.

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    Chemicals & Polymers

    The more complex the industry, the more it matters who you work with. Hylant insures chemical, coating, adhesive, lubricant and polymer manufacturers.

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    Financial Services

    Hylant helps financial services firms manage complex risks with solutions for cyber threats, fiduciary liability, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

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    Food & Agriculture

    Whether you are a grower, processor, brewer or distributor, protecting your brand is crucial to your business. We have your back.

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    Franchise & Hospitality

    Franchisor and franchisees with restaurants, massage parlors, hotels and more look to Hylant to protect their business assets and their reputation.

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    With more omnichannel opportunities come more risk challenges. Hylant's experts help you plan and manage those risks to protect the bottom line.

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    Business Insurance

    Analytics, Claims, Coverage Expertise, Loss Control and Risk Financing.


    Captive, Cyber Solutions, International Solutions, M&A and Transaction Solutions.


    Loyalty & Affinity Programs, e-brokering

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    Our experts will help you find the best risk management and employee benefits options for your particular needs.

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