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    Our Business Approach

    Helping Businesses Be the Best at What They Do

    Hylant Group México

    An integral broker must have a robust and sufficient structure to meet the different insurance needs of its clients. From large risks with reinsurance components to smaller companies with complete advisory, in order to cover their risks according to their core business and exposure, Hylant Mexico will comprehensively address these needs.

    Hylant México (Retail)

    Our retail arm has an in-depth knowledge of a vast variety of industry verticals and classes of insurance. Our team has 30+ years of experience in the insurance market, and can handle large complex risks that require structuring and powerful negotiations. The Hylant name is known for its strong values, so in a peoples’ business our market relationships position us as strong players who provide the most competitive rates and the highest standard of service.

    Hylant Risk Strategies

    Hylant Risk Strategies is the backbone supporting our mission as a Group.

    We believe that relationships with our clients start by understanding their mission and needs so we can analyze information to build powerful strategies and help them meet their long term risk management and financial objectives.

    Hylant Risk Strategies comprises actuarial data analytics, risk engineering, risk management strategies, reinsurance structuring and alternative risk solutions.

    e-Broking (Affinity/e-Commerce)

    e-Broking is part of Hylant Mexico's strategy to promote insurance strategies that target the mass market, e-commerce and insurance solutions specifically designed for certain segments of the population to be served through specific channels.

    In Mexico there is a strong need to promote simple and accessible insurance products to all pockets and through channels close to the people. E-BROKING addresses this need and helps drive insurance penetration in Mexico.

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