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Press Release

Hylant Commences Transition to Fourth Generation

August 31, 2020

TOLEDO, Ohio, Aug. 31, 2020 – Hylant announces that Andrew “Bubba” Berenzweig, current President of Hylant’s Toledo offices, will be promoted to Hylant’s chief executive officer starting in January of 2022. Berenzweig is set to replace CEO Mike Hylant, who has been CEO since 2008 and will assist in guiding through the transition before taking upon the role of Executive Chairman of Hylant.

Berenzweig has been with Hylant since 2004 and has served as President of the firm’s flagship Toledo, Ohio office since 2014. An individual that has earned his stripes in the industry, while forging key, lasting relationships to assist in this transition for the company. As part of this 18-month transition, Berenzweig is set to participate alongside CEO Mike Hylant in executive meetings while additionally holding town halls across each of Hylant’s 17 offices.

“In 1935, my Grandfather, Edward Patrick Hylant, hung up his shingle and began an 85-year legacy of a private family business. We watch with pride and excitement as the fourth generation of Hylant family members takes their seats at the organization’s helm. With our insurance company partners by our side and the over 750 professionals who remain committed to our clients, communities and each other, we are confident that Hylant will continue to shape our industry and leave a lasting impact on the lives we touch. You have our word; we will continue to live out our brand values of empathy, hard work, honesty, respect and family in all we do for years to come.” Patrick R. Hylant, Sr. , Chairman of the Board

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Get to know Bubba Berenzweig by watching the video message below.

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