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Press Release

Hylant Celebrates 85th Anniversary, Reaffirming its Commitment to Independence and Excellence

August 31, 2020

TOLEDO, Ohio, Aug. 31, 2020 – Hylant, an independent and family-run insurance broker and an industry leader dedicated to client service and exceptional offerings, is recognizing its 85th anniversary in 2020, a moment that has truly been decades in the making. This accomplishment is an emphatic recognition of the generations of employees, clients and partners that have come together to experience the service and value of the business relationship that Hylant prides itself on.

As an independent insurance brokerage firm, 85 years is also a recognition that Hylant’s clients value a measure that is rare for competitive insurance brokerages. Priding itself on a family-driven mentality and a spirit of hard work, Hylant marks its 85th anniversary as a time to look forward to its next 85 years of independence.

“As CEO and a third generation Hylant family member, the concept of family is so meaningful to our company fabric that we look at every inch of our business with great purpose,” said Mike Hylant, CEO. “We know that even in these challenging times, it is important that we take a moment to recognize and celebrate our past while steering our sights on a bright future.”

A Fourth Generation and A Forthcoming CEO

The future at Hylant comes immediately through its fourth generation, the next group of leaders that represent Hylant’s unending commitment to independence. The transition to this group is especially highlighted by Andrew “Bubba” Berenzweig, current President of Hylant’s Toledo offices, who will be promoted to Hylant’s chief executive officer starting in January of 2022. Berenzweig is set to replace Mike Hylant, who has been CEO since 2008 and will assist in guiding through the transition before taking upon the role of executive chairman of Hylant.

Curating a seamless transition aligns with the 85 years of history that has marked a lasting legacy for one of the country’s largest independent insurance brokers. For 85 years the Hylant family has been very intentional with how it manages the business, and, importantly, how it transitions from one generation to the next. As Mike Hylant assists in this transition, he beckons in the fourth generation of Hylant family members to take the reins of the business. Though Berenzweig is the first fourth-generation Hylant to take on the role of CEO, he is one of many Hylant family members of his generation to hold key leadership roles throughout the organization.

“This is an honor and a humbling recognition to have the trust of the family to represent the fourth generation of leaders at Hylant,” said Berenzweig, President, Hylant Toledo. “I look forward to earning the trust of all our people over time and setting a vision focused around growth and in-line with our organizational values of independence, growth, and of course, family.”

Berenzweig has been with Hylant since 2004 and has served as president of the firm’s flagship Toledo, Ohio office since 2014. An individual that has drawn tremendous respect in the industry, he has forged key, lasting relationships to assist in this transition for the company. Berenzweig will become the fifth family member to hold the leadership position in the 85 years of Hylant’s operations.

+For more about the CEO transition from Mike Hylant to Andrew “Bubba” Berenzweig, including a video message from Bubba, click here.

+For the highlights of Hylant’s 85 years in business, please visit

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