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Press Release

2022 Hylant Intern Meet and Greet

July 19, 2022

This summer, Hylant had the pleasure of welcoming 30 new interns to our various teams. These talented individuals all come from different backgrounds with diverse education and expertise.

Each year, our interns gather from all over to attend a meet and greet event hosted in Hylant’s home office in Toledo. There, they networked with several leaders from various departments, including Hylant’s CEO, Bubba Berenzweig. And of course, socializing played an important part of the get-together – all of the interns were invited to a Toledo Mudhens baseball game to enjoy a night out together.

Of course, socializing played a huge part of the meet and greet, but there was more. Through a DiSC Assessment, the interns learned more about themselves and one another through personal assessments designed to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. We spoke to some of these interns and took a closer look at their experience at Hylant thus far.

Meet the Interns

Alyssa Furry is a rising senior at Butler University majoring in finance and risk management/insurance. Working with the Corporate Employee Benefits team in Indianapolis, Alyssa has made ample networking connections.

While interviewing for internships, Alyssa said Hylant did an amazing job by asking her what she wanted to do within the company. After choosing Hylant, she was placed in a department that supervisors believed would satisfy her best.

“One of my favorite experiences so far at Hylant has been being able to connect with my direct supervisor and the other corporate EB team members,” said Alyssa.

Alyssa’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “Being able to connect with other interns and learn more about who they are. These are friendships that will last, and I am so glad that Hylant has brought us all together.” 

Abby Paquin is a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University as a pre-law/insurance and risk management major. As a Hylant Administrative Services (HAS) intern in Toledo, Abby has broadened her understanding of risk management in the real world.

It was testimonies from classmates about Hylant’s company culture that led Abby to apply for her internship. She agrees that the culture has been living up to those standards ever since.

Abby said, “My favorite experience with Hylant has been connecting with my coworkers both on the job and outside of work. Everyone is so friendly!”

Abby’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “The DiSC Assessment. This reminded me that it’s important to surround yourself with people who think differently than you and can be eye-opening!”

Courtney Tutterrow, a senior at Purdue University Fort Wayne, is majoring in organizational leadership with a minor in business studies. So far, Courtney has enjoyed learning about insurance at the Fort Wayne office as a part of the Commercial Service team, specifically working with the Transportation practice.

Courtney was drawn to Hylant for many reasons. She said, “What stood out the most was how much Hylant truly cares about their employees and how they will always encourage us to do our best in our professional and personal lives.”

One thing that Courtney has learned thus far at Hylant is to always ask questions. “Even if you feel as if it isn’t a very good question, ask anyway. Everyone is always so willing to help out and that means so much,” she said.

Courtney’s favorite part about the Intern meet and greet: “The DiSC Assessment portion. I loved learning about my fellow interns/coworkers and how we interact with each other. It was also interesting to see how my workplace profile was very similar to my actual personality.”

Kamryn Vonderhaar is a rising senior at Xavier University. She is majoring in marketing and minoring in finance. As an Employee Benefits intern at the Cincinnati office, she has learned that there are many moving parts within insurance and that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Kamryn ultimately picked Hylant for her internship for the family feel of the company. She felt that she was part of a family from the beginning of the interview process. She also added that everyone was so kind when she had questions and answered everything so well.

“My favorite experience so far at Hylant was the intern event in Toledo,” she said. “A company that gets all of their interns together for a two-day experience, that has so many people talk to them about the company, that offers so many different activities, and that answers all of our questions, just shows how much they care about everyone at their company.”

Kamryn’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “My favorite part was making new friends and connections for my future. I met a lot of great people and I am looking forward to where these connections take me in the future!”

Alyssa Pellegrini is a rising senior at Butler University majoring in marketing and minoring in education and entrepreneurship. Working remotely as a Corporate Marketing intern, Alyssa collaborates with both the Chicago and Indianapolis offices.

When looking for internships, Hylant’s culture stuck out to Alyssa the most. She chose this company because of the “Hylant family” and has been fortunate to experience that first-hand as an intern.

Said Alyssa, “My favorite experience at Hylant so far is working with my supervisor, Emily Simpson. She has been an amazing mentor and I look forward to continuing to work with her!”

Alyssa’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “Being able to interact and network with all the other interns.  I loved getting to know everyone and I’m grateful for the many new friendships I made!”

Sophie Brady is a rising senior at The University of Alabama majoring in marketing with a double minor in Spanish. As an intern for the Transportation Practice under the P&C Department as well as in the China Practice, Sophie has learned the many different factors to be considered when insuring an international company.

This is Sophie’s second summer interning at Hylant. What initially reeled her in, and has continued to bring her back, is the culture. Having the opportunity to speak with the CEO or other corporate officers daily is something she values.

“My favorite experience at Hylant so far is getting to know so many new people. I love seeing new faces and getting to know them on a personal level,” she said.

Sophie’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “The DiSC Assessment. I really enjoyed not only learning about myself, but also seeing how different we all were.”

Evan Kost is a rising fifth-year senior at the University of Cincinnati studying marketing with a focus in digital design. As a Corporate Marketing intern at the Toledo office, he has learned a lot about the various aspects of the insurance industry.

Evan chose Hylant because he loved that the culture is very cooperative and family oriented. Ever since his initial interview, he had the sense that Hylant truly cares about setting me up for success. He felt that the onboarding team was very dedicated to helping him find the best fit for him.

“My favorite part about the internship is the support system,” Evan said. “There is always someone I can talk to if I have questions, and everyone has been very friendly and willing to help. They make me feel like I’m truly part of the team.”

Evan’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “Getting to know the other interns from out of town and going to the baseball game. It was really cool to spend time with them and learn about their experiences at their internship so far.”

Jordan St. Clair is an upcoming senior at Indiana University studying marketing and international business through the Kelley School of Business. As an intern in the Life Sciences Practice, Jordan has learned more about the life science prospects and how we may be able to reach out to or attain them.

While doing research for the best internships, Jordan stumbled upon Hylant being nominated for one of the best places to work in insurance. After the interview process, he knew that he had found a home.

“My favorite part of being a part of Hylant is the incredibly smooth experience so far,” he said. “I haven’t met one person who hasn’t greeted me with a smile.”

Jordan’s favorite part of the meet and greet: “It was super fun to meet everyone and get a chance to hang out outside of work. It was awesome to learn about ourselves and Hylant’s family-oriented atmosphere.”

Beau Lamey is a rising senior at Indiana University studying healthcare management and policy through the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Beau chose to work at Hylant for its team environment, as well as the potential information and skills that he would develop over the summer.

“My favorite part about working at Hylant is how everyone is so welcoming to the interns. They do a great job of making you feel like a contributing part of the team,” he said. “I have also enjoyed the freedom to explore the different parts of the company and connect with the people whose positions I’m most interested in.”

Beau’s favorite part of the meet and greet: “It was a great opportunity for us to connect with the rest of the interns and get to know everyone in person. I think it’s so important to have personal relationships with the other interns, so it feels like more of a team, and the meet and greet did a great job at facilitating just that.”

Omar Salinas is an upcoming senior at Indiana University studying advertising management through The Media School. He works out of the Indianapolis office and is in the Corporate Marketing Department.

Omar chose to intern at Hylant because he wanted real-world marketing experience that would be insightful and fulfilling for his career development.

He said, “My favorite part of working at Hylant is working on various projects that each teach me new skills and information that I can apply to my career indefinitely. Networking with others is also a huge plus, and being in a work-family environment helps to build me into the best employee I can be.”

Omar’s favorite part of the meet and greet: “We learned so much about ourselves and our work habits, as well as about Hylant. Having the opportunity to network and meet the other interns in person really helped to solidify our family culture atmosphere, as well as finally being able to meet individuals whom I have only seen online thus far.”

Keely Hedrick is a junior at IU South Bend majoring in actuarial science. As a Personal Lines intern in the Fort Wayne Hylant office, Keely has learned a great deal about the insurance industry.

When looking for internships, Keely struggled to find opportunities in South Bend related to her degree. She chose Hylant to get her foot in the door of the insurance world.

“My favorite experience at Hylant so far would be the BAWWD (Best at What We Do) meeting this past quarter,” said Keely. “It really set the tone for the word ‘family’ here at Hylant. You get told that a lot of businesses you encounter are family-oriented, but I think Hylant really means it when they say we are a family.”

Keely’s favorite part of the intern meet and greet: “Thursday night when we all got together outside of what was scheduled. I loved that we were eager to connect in a fun way, and it gave me a chance to get to know so many people who I hope to continue to keep in contact with.”

Kate Hopkins is a rising senior at Miami University double majoring in strategic communications and digital marketing. She is a Corporate Marketing intern working out of the Toledo office but works from home the majority of the week.

Kate has been interning at Hylant since 2020 and each year finds herself continually gravitating back. She believes the culture Hylant not only embodies but encourages pushes everyone to be the best versions of themselves inside and outside the office.

“My favorite part about working at Hylant is the overall environment. I appreciate how willing everyone is to help mentor and support you, no matter what department they are in,” she said. “One thing I take away each year from Hylant is the importance of connecting with others. Whether they are fellow coworkers or a random person in a coffee shop, networking and building relationships is an important skill that will set you up for success in both your personal and professional life. The Marketing Department does a great job of this; they value their relationships with the other individuals on the team and have formed a family-like environment that has been extremely comfortable to transition into. I look forward to the rest of the summer and the many learning opportunities ahead.  Hylant has taught me a lot about myself and has ultimately shaped who I am today.”


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